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This may take a second or two. That means Venus should be visible just after sunset, as it is bright enough to show up against even a partially-lit sky.

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According to heavens-above. So looking west, one would see the sunset, and as the sky darkens, Venus would appear just before it dips below the horizon ahead of the day-old moon. The pair will be very hard to spot; Venus won't be more than 5 degrees above the horizon a half hour after the sun goes down, and the moon will be no more than a slight crescent.

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Observers further south will have a slightly easier time. The sun sets at p. About 30 minutes after sunset the planet is 8 degrees above the western horizon. It's still hard to spot, but easier than in New York or Boston.

LUNAR ECLIPSE – 31 JANUARY 2018: Venus Variations

The reason is that the plane of the ecliptic — the line that describes the Earth's orbit projected against the sky — is at a steeper angle to the horizon. The moon, Venus and other planets all travel close to that line in their passage across the sky against the background stars. The arrangement puts Venus a bit higher after sunset than in mid-northern latitudes.

Going outward in the solar system, on the night of the new moon Jupiter and Saturn will be in the southwest just after sunset. From mid-northern latitudes they will make a diagonal line up and to the left south. Jupiter will be in the constellation Ophiuchus, and Saturn in Sagittarius. Getting in touch with staying healthy. Solar eclipse to your Moon: Feeling more emotional.

Change in your home or family life. Change in the life in an important woman in your life. Solar eclipse to your Mercury: Surprise news. Sudden communication.

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Shift in the life of your brother or sister. Solar eclipse to your Jupiter: Changes in luck, up or down. Unexpected trip or travel. New learning. Difficulties with boss or job- or sudden change in job. Solar eclipse to your Uranus: Not a personal planet- generational for all born in a years time frame- sudden need for freedom. Solar eclipse to your Neptune: Not a personal planet- generational for a couple of years- feelings descend of desire for the life once imagined.

Solar eclipse to your Pluto: Not a personal planet- generational: Going to the depths of soul to retrieve once again true passion and purpose for ones life.

We have a very interesting solar eclipse upon us. It occurs the same day as the sun moving into Aries heralding the equinox. The feeling of teeter tottering between uncertainty and head strong gusto is embodied with this energy. It will be visible in England and Scotland, astrologers of old would predict that when an eclipse is visible over a country it foretells a significant change within the empire.