Study disproving astrology

Photo credit: pixabay. Looking at the star signs from a scientific standpoint. Unsurprisingly, the astrology workshop is being met with criticism over its scientific validity. Does astrology use testable ideas? Does it rely on evidence? Does it attempt to explain the natural world? But seven representative views of scientists who studied it seriously imply the exact opposite.

This conflict of views can be explained by differences in what astrology means to different people, by differences in what astrology claims, and by the failure of astrologers to allow for non-astrological factors hidden persuaders that lead to astrology-like outcomes.

Case for and against astrology (Abstract+Article)

The case against astrology is that it is untrue, it has failed hundreds of tests, and astrologers do not usefully agree on what a given birth chart indicates. The case for astrology is that a warm and sympathetic astrologer provides low-cost non-threatening therapy that is otherwise hard to come by. Much the same applies to sun sign astrology but at a more basic level. In short, there is more to astrology than being true or false.

But astrology is an easy target for commercial abuse. It also faces strong competition from hundreds of self-help psychology books that it may or may not survive once its true nature becomes more widely known. Includes tests of validity and agreement, and insights into how not to test astrology. End of a shouting match Astrology has been a field made quarrelsome by a shortage of facts. Could astrology be true? Could the stars really correlate with human affairs? Such questions have been furiously debated without resolution for more than years. Astrology has been the world's longest shouting match.

Not any more. Advances in related areas astronomy, psychology, statistics, research design and a decisive technology personal computers have since put astrology under the scientific microscope like never before. Today, most questions can be answered. Quarrelling is no longer the option it once was. In what follows we ignore the usual tired arguments against astrology sun signs do not agree with the constellations, there is no known way it could work in favour of the only question that matters: What is the case for and against astrology?

Unfortunately the media generally see astrology only as a sales gimmick eg sun signs in Sunday supplements or as a source of sensation, as when phoneline astrologers earn huge sums or when crooked astrologers fleece the public.

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If your knowledge of astrology comes from what you read in the media, be aware that you are likely to be seriously misinformed both for and against astrology. Our minds. Our feelings and emotions. Our physical bodies.

Our external affairs and relationships with the world at large. From sex to career to character and future prospects -- and more. Its truths are inarguable. Astrology "despite the contemptuous guffaws of scientific orthodoxy, still continues to enthral the minds of some of our finest contemporary thinkers. They reveal not only the mysteries of the universe but also the mysteries of each of our lives.

Astrology "promises to contribute to the emergence of a new, genuinely integral world view, one that In short, astrology is all-revealing, factual, inarguably true, applicable to everything including past lives, enthralling to thinkers, soon to dominate scientific thought, the key to a new world view, and more. Just study it seriously and you will be convinced it works. Or so astrologers lead us to believe. Now a word from scientists who have studied it seriously.

That is why the whole superstructure of astrology is so utterly worthless and fallacious.

Not really. But those Pisces have something fishy going on.

Astrology cannot be used to predict events of any kind, nor is astrology able to provide any useful information regarding personality, occupation, health, or any other human attribute" Roger Culver and Philip Ianna, The Gemini Syndrome , a review by astronomers of years of data collection, tests, and most of the available evidence. However, because of the important areas which remain to be investigated, this conclusion may need future qualification. We should not be dogmatic. Not a single classical astrological element is shown to be able to resist statistical research.

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Evidently astrology works if studied by astrologers but not if studied by scientists. How is such disagreement possible? To find out we must first look at what is meant by "astrology". What is meant by "astrology"? Astrology means different things to different people and leads to different levels of interest. In Western countries there are four broad levels of interest in astrology as shown below with the rough percentage of the population involved at each level.

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For comparison the proportion of people who are dentists is roughly 0. Level of interest 1. Deep involvement -- Calculates charts, seeks meaning to life, 0. Scientific -- Performs tests, seeks answers, 0. On going through the levels there is a huge falling off in numbers and a dramatic change in what astrology means. At the first level are the readers of sun sign columns. They see astrology as entertainment. At the second level are those who have their birth chart calculated and read. They see astrology as an intriguing way of exploring themselves. At the third level are those who read charts to find meaning in their lives.

They see astrology as a form of religion unconnected with the entertainment of sun sign columns. At the fourth level are those who test astrology scientifically. They see astrology as a popular belief worthy of study regardless of whether the belief is actually true. The previous views of astrology by astrologers apply to levels 2 and 3, which also apply to people who consult astrologers. In the USA roughly one million people a year consult astrologers, which seems like a convincing vote in favour of levels 2 and 3. So the popularity of astrological consultations is perhaps no more remarkable than the popularity of any of 99 flavours of ice cream -- if it exists then some people will try it.

Which of course does not explain why astrologers are convinced that astrology at levels 2 and 3 really works.

Debunking Astrology – The Planets Just Aren’t That Into You

For this we need to put astrology to the test. Putting astrology to the test Astrologers claim they can tell your character, abilities, health, love life, events, destiny, and more, just from your birth chart. It seems amazing that a handful of planets could show all this. Indeed, polls consistently show that many people don't believe it. But astrologers have the perfect answer -- just try it. Put astrology to the test, they say, and you'll be convinced it works.

What could be more reasonable? So this is precisely what research has done. Take sets of birth charts jumbled up with descriptions of their owners. Can astrologers match charts to owners? In astrology books they do it all the time. To date a total of 54 studies have made this test using a total of astrologers and birth charts. For these astrologers many of them among the world's best astrology performed no better than tossing a coin. Astrologers fail to match charts to owners better than chance.

Here the results expected by chance were determined by picking matches at random for each of the 54 studies and repeating 10, times. The difference between the For astrologers this is bad news, which they dismiss in various ways. They say the tests were unduly difficult or were run by people ignorant of astrology in fact many were run by astrologers. They say you cannot test astrology which if true would mean they could never know anything about it. Or they see the bad news as proof of astrology's subtlety, so it is right even when it is wrong ditto.

Chris Brennan, Author "Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate"